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Mesotherapy – what is it? Effects and contraindications


Jul 1, 2020 ,

Mesotherapy – what is it? Effects and contraindications

Mesotherapy face, abdomen or legs has been created in order to nutrients may work more effectively in the deep parts of the skin. Mesotherapy this equipment with the latest technology, producing electromagnetic waves in the form of a pulse, facilitating the penetration of valuable ingredients contained in cosmetics. Mesotherapy is also a popular alternative to needle mesotherapy, but compared to it is less invasive and completely painless. Mesotherapy does not cause serious side effects, which often arise in other dermatological and cosmetic treatments.

Mesotherapy – a device

Device for needle-free mesotherapy effect of pulse current use of radio frequency. Thanks produce phenomena similar to those occurring in the cell membranes and in the stratum corneum of the skin. Electrical pulses produced during operation cause that the membranes become more permeable. All thanks to the fact that therein are hydrophilic channels open.

Among the innovative treatments to improve the condition of the skin, needle mesotherapy is definitely one of the least painful and most effective at the same time. With the help of special equipment, which emits a pulse current (adjustable frequency) active substances of the previously prepared ampoules nutrients are dispensed into the deep parts of the skin without the use of needles.

Sometimes, during needleless mesotherapy it is also used to ultrasound. Thanks to the skin tissues prepared gentle pressure resulting in increased permeability of cell membranes. This leads to faster removal of metabolic waste products and important components are rapidly assimilated

Mesotherapy is based on two processes that occur simultaneously, resulting in greater effectiveness of the treatment. The first is the electroporation – secreted impulses act on cells by increasing their permeability (formed pores and opens protein channels). The second process is electrophoresis, which consists of moving along with the flow of ionic substances in deep tissue and cells.

Mesotherapy – effects

Where can I use needle-free mesotherapy? This nourishing treatment can be carried out virtually all over the body. Needle-free mesotherapy is used most often on the face, neck and neck, but by means of electrical impulses can also rejuvenate the hands, back, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, and even chin.

The effects of needle-free mesotherapy:

    skin rejuvenation
    reducing the discoloration
    skin lightening
    smoothing out wrinkles
    stimulation of tissue metabolism

  • skin rejuvenation

  • reducing the discoloration

  • skin lightening

  • smoothing out wrinkles

  • hydration

  • lifting

  • stimulation of tissue metabolism

  • Depending on the problem to solve needle mesotherapy, the effects are visible very quickly. Additionally, in contrast to other methods, the treatment, the skin is not red and irritated. Cosmetic preparations with various nutrients adapts to your skin type and the result that we want to get. What results, needle mesotherapy?

    With the penetration of active substances in the deep parts, the skin is definitely more hydrated, supple and revitalized. Mesotherapy is very effective also for eliminating wrinkles and furrows. The treatment visibly reduces stretch marks, and even cellulite. The entire series also aligns skin tone, and so get rid of any stains and visible capillaries. Mesotherapy is helpful in eliminating acne, removing inflammation and infections. Mesotherapy is the right choice for people who want to quickly rejuvenate your skin, better oxygenate and nourish it.

    Mesotherapy – side effects

    Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure, which means that it does not affect the structure of the skin, does not cause cell damage and is fully secure. On this modern way to refresh and rejuvenate a person should decide very sensitive to pain, who are afraid of needles mesotherapy using or in need of rapid and visible results in improving the appearance.

    In people who are particularly sensitive after the treatment, however, can appear on the body and on the face side effects. These include:

      hematomas and bruises
      Allergic reaction

  • pain

  • hematomas and bruises

  • Allergic reaction

  • edema

  • Mesotherapy at home

    Needle-free mesotherapy treatment can be carried out also in your own home. The market is currently offered many facilities for needle-free mesotherapy, that great viewing in the home. Depending on the model you purchased the device during surgery they are used ultrasounds, currents or phototherapy.

    Preparation for the surgery starts with photos of all jewelry and metal objects that we are wearing. Next, perform the exact make-up removal. Mesotherapy should precede the execution of peeling, which are selected according to the skin type. The removal of dead skin increases the skin’s ability to absorb cosmetic preparation, during which we will use in needle-free mesotherapy.

    Mesotherapy – contraindications

    Although needle mesotherapy is non-invasive and safe procedure, the use of electrical pulses may cause adverse effects. With this treatment should not use people who have metal parts in the body, circulation problems, heart and thyroid. Other contraindications for needle-free mesotherapy is a pregnancy, breastfeeding, epilepsy, photosensitivity, and skin inflammation, diabetes, weakness and fever, tumors, infections of various origin, eg. Fungal infections.