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Acne begins twenties


Jul 20, 2020 ,

Acne begins twenties

Acne mature age – an ailment more common than you think

Acne on his cheeks twenties may wonder or worry. Not everyone is aware that this ailment is almost as common as eczema in adolescents. Acne does not have metrics – appears at the age of 30, 40 and even 50 years.

Watching films in her smooth complexion, it’s hard to believe that the stars have such a problem. This is perhaps the best proof that the most common skin disease in the world can be cured. He teases half of the women who ended 25 years. Acne and adult acne are two different diseases. In teenager attacks t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) in adults appears in the lower face (acne on his cheeks, neck, chin, neck).

Teens get tired of acne statistically about 2 years. After twenty takes longer – from 3 to 5 years. Women who as teenagers suffering from acne, do not need to have his subsequent variations. Conversely, up to 20 percent. people during puberty enjoyed a smooth complexion, the so-called victim. karierowiczek acne.

The first reason for actuating the process of formation of acne in adults is stress. Little sleep, trouble at work, fluctuations in the level of adrenaline rush. Do not count on it that acne will go alone. You have to deal with him! Otherwise, it may end up depressed and ugly scars on his face.

Adult acne – what you need to know?

When you need to visit a doctor?

Whenever acne is not only a form of blackheads, but also inflammatory lesions: papules and pustules. Standards of treatment of acne in Poland are the same as in the world.

Medicines for topical use

They may be an ointment, which applied directly to the skin dry out acne. On the other hand, preparations of retinoids aid the process of exfoliation and cleanse the pores.


If you have acne with inflammatory changes, your doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic. First its effects can be seen only after 6 weeks. The whole treatment takes at least half a year. Side effects are rare, they are usually harmless digestive ailments.


The use of some contraceptives results in some improvement in people with acne. However, most physicians are opposed to the use of hormonal drugs to treat this ailment, if it is not documented effect of hormonal disorders. In such cases, treatment should be carried out in cooperation with the gynecologist dermatologist.

Acne on his cheeks – cleaned or not?

РYes Рhe says dermatologist Chlebus Eve Рbut only using chemical peels. Mechanical cleansing acne is absolutely prohibited. In the empty place after zaskórniku squeezed one hundred percent will be new. The most effective kind of peeling skin with acne is peeling glycolic acid. Acid of a high concentration (50-70 percent). And low pH can be used only dermatologist. Milder peels (concentration of 30-40 percent.) Is also performed in beauty salons. Exfoliation treatments can be performed on the skin, which does not have active acne lesions.

Acne on his cheeks – Is the laser help?

More and more is said about the method of treatment using the N-Lite laser. – Lasers do not cure acne – explains dermatologist Lydia Rudnick. – In Poland, they are used to dealing with scars after illness. Some doctors use their bactericidal action to accelerate the healing of the morning. There is no data that would indicate its effectiveness in the treatment of active acne.

Facts and myths about acne

To fight the enemy, you must know him well Makeup blog. Check to see if what you know about acne, it is true.

1. Chocolate and greasy foods are the cause of pimples.

Not true. Do not blame candy for another pimples. The only food that can aggravate the symptoms of acne, are those with a large amount of iodine (eg. Seafood) and soy sauce. But only if you eat them in large quantities.

Not true.

2. Acne is the result of lack of sleep.

Truth. Lack of sleep is a stress for the whole organism that releases large amounts of adrenaline and activates the androgen. The result can be excessive production of sebum, a substance closing pores and cause pimples. Keep your sleep about 8 hours per day.


3. The best solution is frequent washing face.

Not true. It’s not dirty skin causes acne. Too frequent washing can actually activate the sebaceous glands and cause acne gets worse.

4. The pill helps treat acne.

Truth. Some contraceptives are considered by doctors as a remedy for acne. They regulate hormone levels and reduce the production of sebum, which clogs the pores. But it should not be treated as a derivative of acne hormonal imbalance in the body. This relationship is very rare.

5. Only people with acne have oily complexion.

Not true. Acne commonly affects people with a mixed complexion, it happens owners of dry skin.

6. Acne is a reflection of diseases and systemic changes.

Not true. This separate skin disease. Its causes are not dependent on the flu, food poisoning, or pregnancy. Although, like any infection, it can then intensify.

Not true.

7. Long-term antibiotic treatment is harmful to the health of the body.

Not true. The harmfulness of a course of antibiotics is a myth. In the treatment period, eg. Half a year will first be given a full dose of the antibiotic, then harmless bacterial flora of the body (a detrimental acne) maintenance doses.

8. This disease comes back.

Unfortunately yes. Acne is a disease onerous, because running kicks. If after treating pimples appear again, this does not mean that the treatment was ineffective.

Unfortunately yes.

9. Acne can be cured by herbs.

No. Is a complex disease with several different reasons. It requires pharmacological treatment. Methods domestic – herbs for the skin, face masks bran and yeast – enhance well-being, but not skin.


10. The sun helps in the treatment of acne.

Yes and no. Sun and tan only briefly improve the condition of acne and pimples mask. After the summer, the problem comes back with a vengeance.

Yes and no.

11. Sex helps get rid of acne.

Unfortunately not. A pity.

Unfortunately not.

Acne on his cheeks

  • To the point of masking the best breakouts will equalizer antibacterial, always a shade darker than the skin.
  • Follow-fat accompaniment matting which absorb excess sebum.
  • Make slightly przypudruj. Choose loose powder nieprasowany, which allows the skin to breathe better, because they are putting it thinner layer.
  • Wash your brushes regularly, sponges and brushes for makeup. This will avoid spreading bacteria that cause acne.

Weapons of drugstore

When I go to the doctor, and when enough cosmetics? If your problem is only blackheads, first seek help at the drugstore and pharmacy.

  • Do not buy cosmetics that you used as a teenager. For the more mature skin can be too aggressive.
  • To wash the skin, use gels or light degreaser. Do not wash your face with hot water – may result in worsening of seborrhea.
  • Use lotions. Selecting those of alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids that assist in peeling and prevent clogging of the pores.
  • Do not use alcohol-based cosmetics. Will dry skin and acne will be.
  • For home use facial treatment and enzymatic peelings. Forget the bench!

Use a moisturizing cream. Top of the acid content. Recently there is a lot of cosmetics for mature women with acne, including Norma Derm Vichy.