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Domestic way to grow hair faster. You only need two ingredients


Jul 20, 2020 ,

Domestic way to grow hair faster. You only need two ingredients

Domestic way to grow hair faster

You only need two commonly available ingredients. Wcierkę you do with them, which accelerates the growth of hair. You must still be patient and take care of the regularity of treatment. Already after a few weeks you will notice that your hair grow faster.

You are probably wondering what kind of ingredients that will help your hair grow faster. It is very likely that you have them in your kitchen. This honey and cayenne pepper (cayenne). Just mix them and massaged into the scalp. After half an hour carrying spłukać.Taką treatment once a week for three months. After this time, the effect should already be clear. Just remember, before the first application to carry out a test on a small portion of allergic skin. Zarówni pepper and honey can induce allergic reaction or irritation.

  • Accelerates growth, prevents hair loss and gives shine. Home hair conditioner works wonders and costs pennies

How exactly looks the use of honey and cayenne pepper hair? Recording a look below. Madina Shrienzada shows step by step how to do it.

You will need 3-4 tablespoons of honey. For starters start from 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and see how your skin reacts. You should feel the warmth and light tingling head. But beware, if the skin bakes and hurt, immediately wash the mix and stop treatment. If you think the effect is too weak, you can increase the amount of cayenne pepper for another spoonful. However, we recommend caution.

  • Add to shampoo one component to give your hair volume and reduce the oiliness

Cayenne pepper warms and stimulates the growth of follicles. It also facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the skin. While the honey moisturizes and smoothes the hair. This treatment accelerates their growth. It can also cause a rash called. baby hair, the new hair body care skin. As a result, your head of hair will gain not only the length, but the larger volume.

  • All my life badly we used a dry shampoo. This considerably increases its effectiveness

If, however, you can not be persuaded to cayenne pepper as effectively work on the hair onion juice. It will strengthen, thicken and accelerate growth. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, it reduces oily hair. It also drops the stomach to try the hair. Prevent hair loss, to stimulate the growth of follicles and help get rid of dandruff. Also be sure to use them in the form.

Fans of unusual ways to care for and advocates of natural methods should appreciate cumin, which gives the hair shine and reduces their loss. This rescue for dry, dull and damaged strands. And the best part is that you probably have it among the kitchen spices.