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Emergency beauty kit for sleepers – ideal when you have to leave 5 minutes. Set, Go!


Jul 20, 2020 ,

Emergency beauty kit for sleepers – ideal when you have to leave 5 minutes. Set, Go!

Sleept and you do not have much time to embrace? You do not have to paint the run. Here are a few things that will help you look good, even when you have to go only a few minutes.

1 minute. Reach for the bb cream, to even skin tone and give her the UV protection

When you have five minutes to leave, rather you do a professional make-up – which does not mean that it will not achieve the result at which you care. If you do not have time to properly perfect allure prepare the skin for make-up, spray the face in the morning hydrolate a floral or thermal water (it will take you a few seconds!) And then apply a cream bb. For emergency situations check the one that well moisturizes the skin and contains an SPF. Pat it with your fingers. This is enough to regain your face look fresh and had aligned complexion color.

30 seconds. Take makeup bronzer if you do not have time for anything else

Bronzer will help you to enhance the cheekbones and face shape, and in addition you can use it instead of eye shadow, and even apply it on the lips before applying moisturizing lipsticks to slightly emphasize the color, if you like such shades.

15 seconds. Select stick to look fresh and radiant

There is no need to cheat – rarely look radiant in the morning. This effect can be achieved quickly, however, with the help of . Stick product does not require a brush or sponge. Simply apply it directly on the skin and then gently pat with your fingertips and you’re done! Apply the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the arc Cupid. Excels as a brightening eye shadow look.

2 minutes. Highlight setting eyes

Just literally a moment that your face was expressionless. Take two minutes and reach the gel with a brush to the eyelashes and mascara or, if you prefer, the transparent gel eyelashes or eyebrows which subdue unruly Italian giving a more natural effect. If your eyebrows need to emphasize the expressive, in addition to the gel in the color of the crayon reach for the eyebrow.

1 minute. Refresh your hair before you go out of the house

When you do not even have time for a quick shower, let alone washing your hair, reach for a dry shampoo, for example. Experts Ofeminin tested by Batiste Damage Control. Perfect for emergency situations, when your hair needs an immediate update. Dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum, protects against damage. and spraying the bands at the base is also a brilliant trick to lift the hair and increase their volume. You do not know how to use it? Shake and spray shampoo at the roots of hair from a distance of approx. 30 cm and then massage the product with your fingers or a comb hair brush. Refreshed dry shampoo hair can fasten in a ponytail or a high, loose bun. Voilà!

Ofeminin Batiste Damage Control

15 seconds. Add a little color multi-cosmetic

The multifunctional cosmetics can save your life when you’re on the run. Use pink lipstick and liquid or pencil to add a little color on your face. You revive them look as if applying a small amount of product on the eyelids with your fingertips and gently wklepiesz it in the skin or rozetrzesz.

Make-up on the way. Bet on travel versions cosmetics

If you really need to get going and do not have time for anything else from the list, toss the bags traveling paddle makeup. 2in1 primer and concealer stick or Compact is something that definitely help you perform make-up on the run. Perfect for the powder with a mirror or with a mini-paddle rozświetlaczem and bronzer, which execute a decent make-up on the way to the university or to work. You’re totally late? Wytuszuj eyelashes. Mascara can “do” the whole look, great eye opens and highlights look in a few moments.