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How to remove hybrid manicure at home? It is not that difficult


Jul 20, 2020 ,

How to remove hybrid manicure at home? It is not that difficult

In brief

Photo hybrids at home is simple

Until now, hybrid manicure downside was that the removal of hybrids had to be done in the beauty salon, which also cost the ladies up to 30 zł. Now you can own the successful hybrid image alone, of their own home, while having a cost no greater than the purchase of a suitable cleaner.

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Photo hybrids and the quality of the paint used

It is already known that the degree of stability of hybrid manicure depends largely on the state of health of the nail plate. Suitable mild hybrid image is important for the good condition of the nails. Ease of removal hybrid manicure our nails will depend on the quality of paint purchased by us. Therefore, the most important advice: Do not use cheap, untested lacquer manicure hybrid – in the case of hybrid image can be problematic. Best buy varnishes good cosmetic shops relying on brand-name companies, if it is performed at home or choose a proven living there and to find out about a brand of varnish applied BeautynHealth. Then we have the guarantee that the paint quickly and effectively come down to us from a nail, and the image at home hybrids will save us a visit to the toilet in order to spiłowania – in extreme cases, of course.

Surgery to remove the nail polish we need only pure acetone or nail for a healthier version – nail polish remover with acetone.

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Photo hybrids at home – with a router or with the remover

Photo hybrid router requires some skill and caution. You should choose an appropriate milling head and turns. You have to be very careful to only file off the paint, not the plate. While this treatment is carried out in the living room or at home very carefully. We do not destroy the nails, but sawn off the same plate very weaken it. We also fearlessly perform in two ways: dip your nails in a bowl of acetone and hold for about 5 minutes or strongly moisten cut in half pads remover with acetone, apply it to the nails, wrap each finger with a cotton swab with aluminum foil and keep the 10 to 15 minutes.

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The use remover with acetone instead of acetone in pure form hybrids increases image but much more conducive to our skin around the nail plate and the nail itself. The skin around the nails must be secured before the procedure lubricate the olive. Then use a file on a coarse varnish in order to “soften” him before surgery. So we prepare your nails and fingers for surgery.

After removing the fingers from the bowl with acetone or after removal of the finger-soaked cotton swab in nail polish remover with acetone, lacquer should depart without any problem or even entirely be on a swab. If success is half-again applied on the fingers or cotton balls with acetone again for a few minutes we put your fingers into a bowl of acetone. Then a wooden stick undermine and remove the remnants of varnish. Nails after surgery grease or oil conditioner for nails and hands with moisturizing cream and ready, finished picture hybrids at home. Good varnishes hybrid should not leave any traces of damage to the nail plate.

As you can see it is a simple procedure to carry out at home, so having regard to the above advice can successfully avoid unnecessary visits to the beauty salon to remove our hybrid manicure. And when you remove the previous hybrid, purchase an additional hybrid varnishes and create a beautiful manicure without leaving home!

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