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TOP 5 components of hair care products


Jul 20, 2020 ,

TOP 5 components of hair care products

Aloe Vera

– The humectant, or a substance containing small molecules whose structure binds humidity Sites for mom. As a result, aloe vera has strong moisturizing properties. Wealth of minerals, vitamins A, C, E and B make the hair smooth and well nourished, and dry and sensitive skin – softened and soothed. Less common humectants in cosmetics, for example, algae extract, betaine, fructose, glucose, hydrolyzed protein, or corn silk proteins – says Anna SzeszuĹ‚a, Poznan hairdresser salon Tops.


Friendly silicone, which was dissolved using a gentle shampoo, so you do not nadbudowuje in the structure of the hair, and this makes it harmless. Dimethiconol distinguished by a high resistance to different temperatures – protects hair against frost, sun and from heat from a dryer or styling appliances. Silicone also shows moisturizing properties (to prevent evaporation of water) acting as a “seal”.

Active carbon

Called the “absorber” of pollutants, toxins, bacteria and sebum from the scalp and hair. An extremely important part of the care of the party is to treat the lingering toxins. If you forget it weakens the effects used in cosmetics, but can also lead to excessive oily hair, or loss of scalp irritation.

Hyaluronic acid

Is a popular component of hair products. It is a natural component of all tissues of the body, which is responsible for water binding. With the passage of time its concentration decreases, and this results in a decrease in hydration, elasticity and fresh appearance of the skin and hair. The hyaluronic acid used in hair cosmetics because of its strong feeding, elasticizing and compacting the fiber structure.

jojoba oil

– Recognized as liquid gold. This is one of the most versatile natural oils. It is obtained from the desert shrub of North America. Its molecules penetrate deep into the hair, showing a positive effect on their condition. Jojoba oil due to the content of phytosterols, squalane and vitamins A, E and F strongly regenerating fibers, hair and moisturizes the skin, prevents the puszeniu and helps rebuild – emphasizes trainer Davines.