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Trends in makeup for spring 2020


Jul 20, 2020 ,

Trends in makeup for spring 2020

What makijażowe trends will reign in the spring season? Are we back the classic pastels, or whether this time the designers and stylists will offer something completely new? Are we going to contour the face and strongly emphasize the lips, or we put on makeup in shades of nude? See our inspiration!

Spring trends makijażowe is primarily shine in different editions. Something for everyone, but will also lover … bold colors and retro style.

Vote on the eyelid and eyelashes highlighted

Fashion retro makeup also seized. Among the most important trends of makeup next few months will not lack for feline gaze 60s design with black line on the upper eyelid and eyelashes firmly wytuszowane guarantees distinctive looks. In the version of the daily dash can be delicate, drawn just above the lashes, and only slightly extended beyond the corner of the eye. With the release of the brave, you can bet on a party-notch exaggerated XXL, dedicated almost the entire eyelid.

Black line on the upper eyelid and eyelashes firmly wytuszowane

Lip gloss on her lips

Return to grace glosses too, which instead of colored lips give them a tempting shine and visually enlarge them. Lips changed in the gleaming sheet in spring / summer 2020 hit the jackpot.

Strongly underlined mouth

If you do not lip gloss, lipstick in a saturated color. In the spring should put the accent was on the lips softer, more sober eye makeup. Burgundy, carmine, Indian roses – offer lipsticks in strong colors is very wide.

radiant skin

An interesting trend for spring is also minimalist makeup of rozświetlaczem in the lead role. In this release, the accent is placed on the skin, which is to look healthy and radiant. Makeup should in fact mimic the natural beauty of neat, tight moisturized skin that looks like a sun-kissed lightly and covered with morning dew. In this case, better to give so with bronzer for contouring and cosmetics.

rozświetlaczem in the lead role

Another version of this trend is no make-up make-up, make-up or exposing beauty, and not creating a mask. To execute enough BB cream, mascara, lip gloss, and optionally rozświetlacz pink cheeks or eyebrow pencil.

make-up no make-up

Glitter on the eyelids, and more

In the spring of gloss should appear not only on the lips and on the skin, but also on the eyelids. After the fashion of matte makeup in shades of nude comes time for the shadows pearl, metallic and glitter – including those in dark shades. In a bold version, you can also reach the jewelery applications stuck to the skin.

colored eyes

Eye shadows in bold colors and neon eyeliners of makeup this spring hit. Color shades can be combined – even without a specific pulping boundaries between them. In this issue is no makeup characterize artistic freedom and freedom Cute secret. It does not have to be perfect and accurate.

Eye shadows in bold colors

The alternative is colored lines on the eye, referring to the color style of the 60s and 70s is a good choice for women who like graphic makeup and feel confident using eyeliner. Among the leaders are the colors green, orange, blue and yellow.

colored lines on the eye
green, orange, blue and yellow.