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Vampire facelift. Effective or overrated?


Jul 20, 2020 ,

Vampire facelift. Effective or overrated?

Many offices advertises it as a way for everything and promises rejuvenation, among others, wrinkle reduction and facelift. To achieve this latter effect without a scalpel, but should use other methods than the plasma injections. Why it is not a treatment for everything when it works best? We ask Dr. Marek Wasiluk from the Warsaw Center of Modern Medicine Triclinium.

  • Although the vampire facelift of aesthetic medicine treatments work in the most natural way, it has its limitations – sometimes spectacular effect is only in combination with other treatments
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections skin stimulates skin cells to act more effectively, streamline their work and enables them to more rapid regeneration of the skin. For the matters contained in plasma of blood platelets – natural physiological cause, they accelerate wound healing, restoration of normal skin, including aging
  • Spinning process of blood prepared to perform an. vampire facelift can be neither too fast (to avoid damage to platelets) or too slow (because then there will be no correct separated blood components). The quality of separation is affected by the angle of rotation

Although treatment platelet-rich plasma injections is called a vampire facelift, it says Marek Wasiluk founder of the Warsaw Center of Modern Medicine Triclinium, its main action does not depend on lifting and firming the skin. – The preparation actually obtained from the patient’s own blood, so called “vampire”, but he does not have the action of lifting, so it should not be associated directly with a “facelift” – explains the expert. – Platelet rich plasma works on a different principle. It stimulates the skin cells to act more effectively, streamline their work and enables them to more rapid regeneration of the skin. It acts as fuel for them. This is due to the plasma contained in the platelets that cause natural physiological reactions, accelerating wound healing and restoration of normal skin, as these aging. Of the occurrence of the injury platelets are responsible not only for blood clotting, but also stimulate the activity of different mechanisms and reconstruction of damaged skin – explains the specialist.

Indication of platelet rich plasma cells and stimulate to action can not be spectacular rejuvenating effect, did not straighten the wrinkles and facial zliftinguje. It will not remove or redness or discoloration. Not such is the purpose of this procedure. Only in combination with other treatments of aesthetic medicine gives inestimable value, without which the results would be weaker. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is best done in combination therapy, combining it with other more invasive therapies. This way you can much better use of this method in action rejuvenation.

– The most effective workflow in combination a first ostrzyknięcie skin plasma boagatopłytkowym to prepare the body for more efficient operation, and then after a week or two of use of strong surgery, for example., By laser fractional ablative or radiofrequency micro needle in combination with re-administration of plasma which will help the skin more quickly “recover” after the procedure – explains Marek Wasiluk. – In the young, it is worth using platelet rich plasma as one of the first preventive treatments that will protect against aging skin. Performed regularly after age 30 significantly slows the aging of the skin. Obtained by this method of regeneration results are stronger than vitamin cocktails. The effect of minimum guarantees which treatment is fresh looking, nourished, radiant face. This injection of vitality to the skin.

How to effectively use platelet rich plasma

First of all, according to the real indications of this treatment. Besides, the basic condition for the effectiveness of this method is that the concentration of platelets in the feed preparation in the skin is sufficiently high, so the plasma must be really PRP. This can be achieved only be separated by a layer of patient blood and collecting only platelets with a little plasma.

He noted Marek Wasiluk to impossible to get the proper concentration of platelet-rich plasma, the right equipment is essential.

– also often it happens that doing treatments have inadequate tubes. Both with respect to security (and therefore will always let it sets the certificate), and optimization of tubes in terms of separation of plasma. Imagine that someone is spinning blood in a normal tube. Platelet layer is so thin that it hardly can not see it, and therefore it is really very difficult to download it, it is technically impossible. As a result, it does not exist as separate download and platelets, and the value of the preparation is miserable. Therefore, this procedure is best profiled tube, the recess or set of channels for precise separation of platelets. This sample tube is more expensive, but also treatment with using it is really effective – explains the specialist.

In addition, the process of spinning the blood can be neither too fast (to avoid damage to platelets) or too slow (because then there will be no correct separated blood components). The quality of separation is affected by the angle of rotation.

Over after downloading the appropriate centrifugation and plasma bogatopłykowego should be given as soon as possible (preferably up to 20 minutes after blood sampling, up to half an hour). Technique is also important. There are three modes of administration – a needle gun and by patting the skin. The least comfortable, although the most effective, is to administer needle. When using the gun uses a plasma we have large losses, which does not remain in the skin and on it, about half of spreads over the skin. Method type in your pass, though the most comfortable and fashionable recently wasted more plasma, and only makes sense after laser ablation or deep peeling. What plasma “works” are platelets, which are given tissue are activated and release growth factors. This activation occurs by contact of the product with fibroblasts. Because of the short life of active platelets are all meaningless plasma-based creams, which are increasingly clinics offer patients after surgery.