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You have a second toe longer than the big toe? Be sure to check what it means


Jul 20, 2020 ,

You have a second toe longer than the big toe? Be sure to check what it means

Types of interest – what stands out rate of the Greek

Greek rate is one of three types of feet, which stands out because of the length of the fingers. In humans, the most you can meet Egyptian foot (it is 70 per cent. Of the population) – the longest finger is the finger here. The rarest type is the Roman foot, also called square (it is approx. 10 per cent. Of people around the world) – fingers first, second and third have almost the same length. Greek foot (Morton’s foot), in which the longest finger is the second toe (also called a finger Morton), can boast 20 percent. population.

You should know that in ancient times the finger Morton was considered a sign of intelligence and aristocratic origin.

Among the type of feet in Greek stands out even foot rectangular Greek and Greek sloping foot. It all depends on how big is the difference between the length of the fingers. In the case of a rectangular Greek alloys second toe is longer than the finger, but the fingers III, IV and V are similar length. In the alloy of the Greek sloping second finger it is the longest (although the difference in length with respect to the big toe is not as large as in the case of a rectangular Greek feet), and the fingers III, IV, V are arranged in a straight line inclined at an acute angle in the bottom of the foot.

Greek foot – how it affects health

Having a Greek foot it is associated with a predisposition to certain diseases, and foot deformities. In people with the most Greek rate charged to the second toe, he is also the most common injuries. Often occur deformations – formed finger joint replacement (In short: due to the contracture in the joint, the finger is in constant flexion, there is pain in the back painful finger prints are formed, the distortion is concerned fingers of the second through the fifth) victoria’s temptations.

To reduce the risk of deformation, it is important that holders of Greek rates were selecting appropriate footwear. Will be the best shoes with a wide nose. Problems will help you avoid (or at least delay the appearance of change) also suitable stretching exercises.

The rate of Greek and personality

The rate of the Greek can tell a lot about the personality of its owner. It is said that people who have the second toe is the longest are intelligent, creative, full of energy, to approach life with optimism, are open to new knowledge. The downside may be too high, and impulsivity susceptibility to stress. The feet often have Greek artists and athletes.