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tricks for excessive sweating

It usually begins in summer during a heatwave, but affects many throughout the year, usually in stressful situations. Excessive sweating is a troublesome, but above all embarrassing, condition, which, however, can be effectively eliminated by following 7 simple rules.

1. Antiperspirant instead of deodorant

The use of deodorants is no longer effective? It is understandable, because these preparations do not protect against armpit sweating. In order to really protect yourself from sweating, you should use antiperspirants – preparations that contain chemicals that block sweat.

Various versions are available in pharmacies and drugstores – with and without alcohol, in the form of a stick, with a ball or in a spray. Many of them are used at night, every few days, and the effects are noticeable after the third use.

My favorite antiperspirants:
Perspiblock DEO, roll-on antiperspirant, 50 ml
Vichy Traitement Anti-Traspirant 48H
SVR Spirial Roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant, 48-hour protection, 50 ml
Dermedic Antipersp R Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant, Normal to Dry, Sensitive Skin 60 g

2. Support from within

Antiperspirant is not everything. Excessive sweating under the armpits and on the feet and hands or the whole body should also be combated with appropriate supplements, eg Perspiblock forte, especially those containing sage extract. A great way is also drinking teas or infusion of sage leaves – this will help regulate the appropriate level of fluid in the body, so quickly lost through sweating.

3. Body care prone to excessive sweating

In the case of increased sweating, regular and effective body care and the use of gentle cleansing products are very important. When shopping, pay attention to the composition of preparations and avoid those containing sulfates (marked with SLS), and choose those containing as many natural ingredients as possible, eg Medispirant, antiperspirant shower gel. Sulfates are ingredients responsible for the foaming of products, but despite the common opinion, they are not an indicator of washing effectiveness. It’s just a principle rooted in consciousness that is definitely a myth.

During your daily care, use clean, soft cotton towels that easily absorb moisture and do not irritate sensitive skin.

4. Botox or how to reduce sweating with the help of aesthetic medicine

It turns out that botox, mainly associated with aesthetic medicine, is great for excessive sweating in the armpits, hands and feet. Botulinum toxin injected in the sensitive places helps to almost completely stop the sweating process and completely eliminate e.g. wet stains under the arms. Certainly, such a procedure will help you gain confidence and comfort in stressful situations. Do not be afraid – the preparation is injected with a very thin needle. The treatment is practically painless and its effects last for six months.

5. Adequate diet

Excessive sweating under the armpits, and more, can also be eliminated with the help of a proper diet. Give up processed products as well as those containing sugar and caffeine. Pungent spices and large amounts of salt are also disadvantageous.

The diet that should be taken in case of excessive sweating should be balanced, rich in fresh vegetables and mild, white meat. The causes of this ailment are often found in an inadequate diet and fast pace of life, conducive to eating fast-food products.

6. Sweating as a result of other health problems

Increased body sweating is often associated with elevated fever or infection. Take your temperature and see if it is normal. Consider whether you have felt a general weakness in your body recently. Wondering if excessive sweating is related to your disease? See your doctor and change all symptoms carefully.

7. Home remedies for excessive sweating

If the above methods and treatment are too expensive or time-consuming, excessive sweating of the armpits can be eliminated with the help of home remedies passed down from generation to generation. These home remedies involve eating certain foods.

This group includes tomatoes and asparagus, which are best eaten daily. Apple cider vinegar is also effective, which should be drunk diluted with water or applied with a cotton swab to sensitive places – armpits, hands, feet. I admit, this is not a very fragrant treatment, so it’s best to use it at night and ask your family members for understanding. Young wheat juice and infusions of burdock root and sage leaves are also very effective – drunk 3-4 times a day, they will significantly reduce the problem of sweating.

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